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“Taking a photograph is a lot like falling in love. You see a light and it intrigues you; and you want to see or be in that light forever.”-Mickey Burrow


Adelle & Kyle Elopement Feature Film, Punta Cana / Pearl Beach Club, Dominican Republic, Milanphotocineart photography

Adelle & Kyle

Elopements can be incredibly personal and so romantic.

“Elope” has historically meant “to run away secretly with the intention of getting married”. But it has also meant – and still means – “to escape”.

This beautiful couple did just that. They escaped to a tropical paradise, to exchange their vows alongside the ocean, together with their children and closest family.

We hope you can see the beauty of their love through our lenses…


Decor & planning: weddingsbymayte

Venue: Pearl Beach Club

Cinematography: Milan Photo Cine Art

Photography: Maxy Cory from photo by Karina

Hair & make up: Palma Rosa SPA

Bridal Room: Catalonia

Cake: Cake Studio Bavaro

Sound: EPC sound



Isabel Eugenia and Edgar Alfonso’s wedding at Kukua Beach club & Restaurant, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Milanphotocineart photography

Isabel Eugenia and Edgar Alfonso’s love story sounds like it could have been a story-line from a movie script. The two had been dating before, but circumstances and life somehow took them apart for almost sixteen years. They’ve been searching happiness in different parts of the world away from each other, but love had different plans for them. They met again four years ago in Venezuela and this time they knew that the meaning of life is in each other’s eyes. So they set the date and found each other all over again on the beach in Dominican Republic. Ceremony took place in gorgeous Kukua Restaurant and Beach Club in Punta Cana. Everyone could feel Caribbean beach vibe mixed with Bego’s love for amazing wedding celebration. Isabel was smiling the whole time and Edgar was one happy, gentle groom, both glowing with happiness. And I thank God for allowing me to witness his miracles..!

And as a bonus, we present their recently finished Highlights video! Enjoy:


Ana Garcia family photo shoot at Kukua Beach club & Restaurant, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Milanphotocineart photography

The Quinceanera tradition celebrates the young girl and recognizes her journey from childhood to maturity.

What we were impressed more than Ana’s beauty and top models posing was the love for her from her very kind family. I’m sure that you can see that love on their faces, even just from the photos that we did!

Congrats guys, we wish you all the best!

P.S. Ana please consider, seriously, professional modeling career!!! 🙂


Jad & Adam’s Highlight Video, Punta Cana / Altos de Chavon, Dominican Republic, Milanphotocineart photography

Here is a little MilanPhotoCineArt eye candy for all brides and grooms. Intimate, romantic wedding of Jad and Adam packed with emotions. We did session afterwards in fabulous Altos de Chavon and I hope I can send you a little bit of Dominican sun and breeze with our video :).



Yeo & Cesar’s Highlight Video, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Milanphotocineart photography

Yeo & Cesar’s Highlight Video is finally here!!!



Yeo & Cesar’s Wedding in Dreams Palm Beach, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Milanphotocineart photography

Yeo & Cesar

That moment when a wedding planner is having her own wedding day…

Yeomandry has planned many weddings, but this one was so special in so many ways. The most important one. This time she was the Bride. To be able to see things from the other side, as a client herself, she had a much better perspective and opportunity to appreciate beauty in everything. Every single detail was perfect, decor, flowers, food, everything flawless. And while two of them exchanged vows, the air was charged with emotions. Smiles and happy tears on the faces and love in the hearts of family and friends that were witnessing the ceremony.  Happiness all over the place, champagne glasses clanking, happy people chatting, while everything was ready for the reception. Bridal party entered. Yeomandry and Cesar had their first dance but then moment came where Cesar presented his surprise for his gorgeous Bride. It was a special song that he composed and recorded only for her! Actually it was truly professional music video only for his Yeo! The surprise and happiness on her face was priceless! So the party started and two of them danced away into the first night as husband and wife…

Love is all we need!!!


And as a little visual candy, we give you Yeo & Cesar video teaser:





Adriana & Andres wedding in Versus, Cap Cana, Dominican Republic, MilanPhotoCineArt Cinematography

It was a day for a wedding in the Caribbean.

Andres was preparing in his house, trying to be relaxed but he was a little nervous to see his lovely bride Adri, and to kiss her first time as a husband.

Adriana was preparing to be most beautiful bride, surrounded by her family and friends at the beautiful wedding venue – Versus, in Cap Cana, Dominican Republic.

Venue was preparing too. Settled into Marina area, over viewing sunset on the water. Versus staff was prepping everything for Ceremony and the reception afterwards.

Adriana and Andres said their vows to each other in the presence of their loved ones and walk into the night as husband and wife. And that night was magical, filled with laughter, dancing and love all around…




With great pride and joy I can announce that I’ve been accepted in The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP)!!!

A quote from ISPWP site:

“Why the Best Wedding Photographers are ISPWP Members

The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) is a rarity among wedding photography organizations. Photographers cannot simply buy an ISPWP membership, they have to earn it.

Our requirements are experience, talent, and professionalism. To be accepted, a photographer must have shot at least 50 weddings, submit their portfolio for review, agree to operate under the ISPWP Code of Conduct, and have an ISPWP Sponsor or four references. And THEN they have to be voted in by current members.

In short, when you hire an ISPWP Photographer, you are hiring a talented veteran with a track record, peer recognition, and a passion for creating heirloom images of your wedding.”

With only 3 photographers members of ISPWP from Dominican Republic it’s needless to say that I am very humbled and honored to be accepted in an organization with a notoriously rigorous application process and recognized among some of the most talented and amazing photographers in the world.



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