Milan Photo & Cine Art

“Taking a photograph is a lot like falling in love. You see a light and it intrigues you; and you want to see or be in that light forever.”-Mickey Burrow


Hannah and Philipp wedding at Kukua Beach Club & Restaurant, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Milanphotocineart photography

In her own words how Hannah and Philipp met: “2012 I have still lived in Munich. An old girlfriend came to visit me at the weekend from my home. In the evening we were at a party. On the way back we had to wait at the train station. There I have seen Philipp the first time. He asked about the time and we came into the conversation. The next day we went together to party. From then on we wrote to each other daily and came together four weeks later. “

They visit Dominican Republic once before 2016. In fact Philipp proposed Hannah on that vacation. They stayed in Riu Palace, just next to Kukua Restaurant. That’s how they fall in love with magical Kukua and since it was their dream to get married on the beach, they knew right away: THAT”S A PLACE FOR THEIR WEDDING!

The day was cloudy and rainy but nothing could stop their happiness from shining! And it was easy to make beautiful photos of two of them…

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