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Jellyfish Restaurant, Wedding Venue, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

A lot is said about Punta Cana, yet there is a lot more to say.

It is very well organized touristic place, with now about 80+ resort hotels on its shores. Wide, flat, busy roads and a lot of people. Many of those people are, like you, headed to celebrate destination wedding. On the white, wide, gorgeous beaches of Punta Cana love is celebrated on a daily basis but there are some more-less hidden gems on offbeat tracks that you’ll need to know before you make your final decision about venue for hosting your destination wedding. We’ll try to make your planning process easier with our blog posts, few first ones will be about popular wedding venues outside of the resorts. Hope you’ll find it helpful. Happy planning!

Guides for brides: Volume one

Jellyfish Restaurant Bavaro, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic:

Jellyfish restaurant at night, MilanPhotoCineArt Photo

So you are in the Caribbean. One step out of the airplane and your lungs are filled with warm air and cozy moisture and you are sliding slowly into this amazing tropical paradise. While palm trees are swaying on the side of the road as you pass by, ocean front is struggling to get into your sight with a glimpse of turquoise and marine blue. At the end of the curvy street there is one more surprise waiting for you.


Just as you fully understand that you are few steps away from uniquely seductive waters of Caribbean Ocean, on the side appears gorgeous two floor structure, in the shape of gentle jellyfish floating in front of you.

Jellyfish restaurant, MilanPhotoCineArt Photo

Incredibly beautiful architecture all made of natural materials, limestone and wood, very light place with entrance made of shells that are singing their song with the ocean gentle breeze.  And as you are still amazed by superb combination of natural material and modern design, buzzing of waiters and decorating stuff will bring you to reality for a brief moment just enough to try some of the food then, again, your senses will take you back to haven.

Walking through perfectly decorated salon your eyes will meet, nested in the middle of wide sandy beach and surrounded by palm trees, gorgeous gazebo telling an incredible love story to the ocean on the back… Your heart skip a beat as you realize that this is perfect tropical paradise for your perfect wedding day.

First Dance, Jellyfish restaurant, MilanPhotoCineArt Photo

Ways to contact them:


Tel:  (809) 840-7684



To be continued…



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